up, UP and AWAY...

Well, no, not really.
I'm not going anywhere physically, but I am totally stoked for some new things I'm working on. I was digging away in my 'archives' and found some interesting ideas scribbled down but never completed.....as you know, a collection.
Some of my past ideas stemmed from what started as a floating head turned hot air balloon:

 Daughters of such soon fallowed:


              A few made it to the 'gallery' but I was sad to see that the rest were just shoved (nicely) into a sketch book. (The others did not qualify to show their faces....being, in my book, sucky and all). I felt they needed more attention and I could evolve the ideas. ...cue husband...

Having a strapping lad in the house (James) has its many benefits, that; plus knowledge of extra wood planks and an electric saw lying around the basement, you probably can guess what I had him doing. :)  I was just too excited thinking about bringing some new faces into composition. After Jamie cut some generously sized planks, and we sanded the edges, I got to sketching out new faces, new hair, and played with color arrangements.

I can't wait to see them take affect. First, I'll have to hone up on my portraiture painting skills. ...I possibly need to re-stock some paints, and get some new brushes (my children take all mine) ....all of which could be a great excuse for a craft store shopping spree! woot woot :)

P.S. Thank you Picnik and Picasa photo options. I was ready to MURDER THE PHOTO LAYOUT provided here on blogspot. That being said, I'm having a much better day today than I was late last night continuously clicking and re-clicking and click, click, clicking my patience away. :)


Tuesday Pounce with a CHEEKY LEOPARD!

I assume you are feeling quite pouncy today. You possibly need a good dose of adorable eye candy. I have just the solution to that lackluster, need-of-a-pick-me-up feeling. 

CheekyLeopard features an array of oh-so-cute coin purses. All with fantastic Old Lady names.
They are every thing I love in a change purse;
The bright pop of  fabric-  in a print that you wished to have yards and yards of.
The clasp-y, close-y knobs, and of course that enamored feeling being out and about and having full knowledge that you are the hippest, most awesome granny-purse-carrying girl around in the market!

Tilly. (My favorite. Textile and Name!!)



The artist, Katie Gordon, hardly needs the promotion for her fantastic purses. I feel like after stumbling, *ahem* pouncing upon her shop she seems to have "the next big thing" written all over the place. If you don't believe me check out her portfolio . It speaks for itself! :)
  You can find her on a multitude of websites. Etsy, Her Blogspot, and Her Website  

  In a short description of herself she writes:

"I have a passion for printed fabric and as a freelance textile designer, am lucky enough to have a job where I get to design every day. I have lived in some amazing cities around the world, and have enjoyed being inspired by what each city has to offer.

I was born in England and grew up there, but moved to New York after graduating from college with a degree in Textile Design. I lived there for 12 years and this is where I learnt a lot of what I know now. I returned to London for a few years, and  am now living in Tokyo, where I am embracing their amazing sense of design, both old and new.

I have been designing surface pattern for over 15 years and have worked for a variety of industries including apparel -  women and children, bags, bedding, stationery, and quilting fabrics.
I also design and make my own fabric bags under the name of Cheeky Leopard. "

Oh how I wish to carry each and every one of these charming bags!!! In my own personal love affair with textile design and fabrics I've found a new designer to add onto a very long list of the things I like. I have to say, I'm really starting to love to POUNCE!!

*Being thought it is 4 am in Tokyo (I can't very well receive feedback from the artist) I've taken Katie's descriptions from a profile she has written about herself on her website.


Just another Wednesday

Today I had the pleasure of entangling myself in the daunting task of folding laundry and cleaning out the clothing that no longer fits or is wearable from both the children's closet and mine and Jamie's closet. Total exhaustion! It gives me great satisfaction to give these away to charitable organizations for people in need...but good lord- as I stood in front of each closet it was like I was never even there!
I'm curious to know how some people manage to organize their clothing so well. I fantasize about streamlined (walk-in) closets with coolly hung items having their own personal space amongst all other articles of clothing. *Sigh*

Ah. Tranquility. Wouldn't it be lovely to just breeze on in and see EXACTLY what you're getting yourself into? 
Instead, I may be exaggerating just a *tiny* bit, but this is what my mind thinks of every time I open up my own closet:

Yikes! I want to run screaming for the hills! 
One can only guess that after the long day I had schlupping out bags of give-away clothes and neatly folding the keepers to put away I haven't the time to create anything today. Except! A neat little treasury for the Wednesday Treasury Challenge called
Love it or Hate it  for this weeks 'Anti-Valentine's Day' theme.
I'm quite happy with it's turn out :)
 I now bid you adieu for a pleasant evening as I may go drink myself to blissful closet oblivions! Ha!


Pouncing isn't just for cats!!

Recently in my journey to acquire a bit of promotion to myself as an artist (outside of my usual network of friends and relatives!) I came across an Etsy Team I'd like to be a part of. Today is "pounce" day. A tool on Etsy ,I have to admit, I rarely use but is fun even so. But here's how it works; when a new shop opens  this tool directs you to recently added items. It's fresh and easy to use. Within just a couple pounces you'll probably find something that catches your eye!
I came across a little shop featuring original abstract art called PresentPaintings by EL. I convo'd her to find out a bit more information about the things that inspire her about her pieces and what kind of materials she currently uses to create them.  Here is what the artist had to say:

"My artwork draws its inspiration from God and nature. I study philosophy formally and plan to go on to study theology - while painting alongside.
I have been making artwork since elementary school, but only began painting seriously about 4-5 yrs. ago. Everything created captures my mind for painting. The nature of things and the way things exist are strands of inspiration for me. I mostly use high quality acrylic paint and good quality paint brushes at this time. Thank you for your interest in my art:)
Don't give up your goal and/or dream to make artwork:) ". Thanks so much EL.

So many artists derive a lot of their inspiration from nature- how could you not? These pictures are some of the items for sale in the PresentPaintings Shop:


Painting no.1 has some beautiful colors (like all my favorites!).
Painting no. 2 invokes a feeling of rain in an early summer garden.
Painting no. 3 well...I'm a sucker every time for any paintings of the sea.

These are all my interpretations of her abstract art. I guess that's part of the beauty of abstract, what may be seen or felt by one eye, may be entirely different for another. I encourage you to check out this shop. The art work is so beautifully done and for original artwork it's not too steep in price :)
Happy pouncing everyone!


One may slack a little bit....but can make up for it in a day!

It's true. I have been slacking on my New Year's Resolution. Creating something, or making something, every single day sometimes isn't very practical. ...or realistic to a parent with two young children. Never-the-less, I do stand up to my word. Even if it calls for making up for past faux pas in a single afternoon. :)

My little creations are designated to go into the girls bedroom. If I do say so myself they are adorable!

A wonderful box of embroidery threads I've been hanging on to for years.
My very first embroidery!

Sophie's Ice Cream Cones!! <3

Sophie made some beautiful ice cream cones today also. They are part of my original inspiration. When store bought coloring books just lose their fun why not make your own? That's basically what I was doing through out the past summer. Drawing ice cream cones, popsicles, cakes, cookies, pies....you name it. The sweet tooth doesn't fall far from the bakery...that's for sure.


Le Macaron et la Petite Génoise

Confectionery Art. I decided this not a whole 2 minutes after my last entry. If I had chose buttons, I'm sure I ultimately would end up loathing them. The speculative subject has a far broader range for discovery and growth.
Straight away I went easily to work on a little colored pencil drawing (made of course with the 132 Prismacolor Colored Pencil set I received for Christmas. Thanks Mom!!). 

The adventure for today's little project required a little more skill. Still I managed to create it in less than a half hour and it's on a subject I'm very fond of: The French Macaron.

Nothing could be more perfect as a confectionery treat in the whole world! There are boat loads of macaron photos out there. Here is my inspirational photograph for today:

My rendition to this lovely cookie was made with acrylic paints with the use of a painters knife only. No brushes were used at all.
I'm thinking I could have chosen a different color to make the actual cookie itself, it kind of looks a little 'hamburger-y'. oh well.


January 7th

As with every new year, every morning I awake with a sense of driven-filled purpose: today will be the day...today, I will accomplish this or that... . This goes on and on. In the early morning (and by early I mean by 9 or 10 a.m) I feel like I have endless time to create something spectacular and wonderful. Like, the inspiration for the days adventure will strike like a bolt of lightning.  Hmmm, not always so. I've had a creator's block since the overwhelming frenzy of Christmas. Now what to do? I've prepped my space, (sort of) de-cluttered my art room, I sat at the work space and waited. and waited. ...and waited. Productivity is slow to no avail.  
Today I found hope. A challenge I really am going to put my heart and soul into- Make something every day for a year. Pick a topic to embark your creative energies upon and do it!!! How clever. Surely I'll purchase the book in which I got this wonderful idea from:  365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin.
Now for my topic....I was thinking along the lines of confectionery art. Drawing cupcakes, painting cookies.....or I have a plethora of buttons (and an equally large obsession with them as well) maybe I'll make something with them everyday......I think I'll have to sleep on it. Either way, maybe I'll create one of each tonight just to see how it goes :) ...and it does not matter in the slightest that I just resolved to make this a new years resolution. It's still January. Right.
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