January 7th

As with every new year, every morning I awake with a sense of driven-filled purpose: today will be the day...today, I will accomplish this or that... . This goes on and on. In the early morning (and by early I mean by 9 or 10 a.m) I feel like I have endless time to create something spectacular and wonderful. Like, the inspiration for the days adventure will strike like a bolt of lightning.  Hmmm, not always so. I've had a creator's block since the overwhelming frenzy of Christmas. Now what to do? I've prepped my space, (sort of) de-cluttered my art room, I sat at the work space and waited. and waited. ...and waited. Productivity is slow to no avail.  
Today I found hope. A challenge I really am going to put my heart and soul into- Make something every day for a year. Pick a topic to embark your creative energies upon and do it!!! How clever. Surely I'll purchase the book in which I got this wonderful idea from:  365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin.
Now for my topic....I was thinking along the lines of confectionery art. Drawing cupcakes, painting cookies.....or I have a plethora of buttons (and an equally large obsession with them as well) maybe I'll make something with them everyday......I think I'll have to sleep on it. Either way, maybe I'll create one of each tonight just to see how it goes :) ...and it does not matter in the slightest that I just resolved to make this a new years resolution. It's still January. Right.

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