Pouncing isn't just for cats!!

Recently in my journey to acquire a bit of promotion to myself as an artist (outside of my usual network of friends and relatives!) I came across an Etsy Team I'd like to be a part of. Today is "pounce" day. A tool on Etsy ,I have to admit, I rarely use but is fun even so. But here's how it works; when a new shop opens  this tool directs you to recently added items. It's fresh and easy to use. Within just a couple pounces you'll probably find something that catches your eye!
I came across a little shop featuring original abstract art called PresentPaintings by EL. I convo'd her to find out a bit more information about the things that inspire her about her pieces and what kind of materials she currently uses to create them.  Here is what the artist had to say:

"My artwork draws its inspiration from God and nature. I study philosophy formally and plan to go on to study theology - while painting alongside.
I have been making artwork since elementary school, but only began painting seriously about 4-5 yrs. ago. Everything created captures my mind for painting. The nature of things and the way things exist are strands of inspiration for me. I mostly use high quality acrylic paint and good quality paint brushes at this time. Thank you for your interest in my art:)
Don't give up your goal and/or dream to make artwork:) ". Thanks so much EL.

So many artists derive a lot of their inspiration from nature- how could you not? These pictures are some of the items for sale in the PresentPaintings Shop:


Painting no.1 has some beautiful colors (like all my favorites!).
Painting no. 2 invokes a feeling of rain in an early summer garden.
Painting no. 3 well...I'm a sucker every time for any paintings of the sea.

These are all my interpretations of her abstract art. I guess that's part of the beauty of abstract, what may be seen or felt by one eye, may be entirely different for another. I encourage you to check out this shop. The art work is so beautifully done and for original artwork it's not too steep in price :)
Happy pouncing everyone!


  1. wow~ lovely works! i especially like painting number 3~

    great interview too! a pounce well done! X3

  2. Thats awesome that you joined in with Pounce... and that you would like to be part of our team... will you do the Treasury challenge tomorrow... I hope so
    And I love the shop you pounced... awesome job

  3. Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Ladies! I have to admit I'm really excited to be part of the Undiscovered Team!


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