up, UP and AWAY...

Well, no, not really.
I'm not going anywhere physically, but I am totally stoked for some new things I'm working on. I was digging away in my 'archives' and found some interesting ideas scribbled down but never completed.....as you know, a collection.
Some of my past ideas stemmed from what started as a floating head turned hot air balloon:

 Daughters of such soon fallowed:


              A few made it to the 'gallery' but I was sad to see that the rest were just shoved (nicely) into a sketch book. (The others did not qualify to show their faces....being, in my book, sucky and all). I felt they needed more attention and I could evolve the ideas. ...cue husband...

Having a strapping lad in the house (James) has its many benefits, that; plus knowledge of extra wood planks and an electric saw lying around the basement, you probably can guess what I had him doing. :)  I was just too excited thinking about bringing some new faces into composition. After Jamie cut some generously sized planks, and we sanded the edges, I got to sketching out new faces, new hair, and played with color arrangements.

I can't wait to see them take affect. First, I'll have to hone up on my portraiture painting skills. ...I possibly need to re-stock some paints, and get some new brushes (my children take all mine) ....all of which could be a great excuse for a craft store shopping spree! woot woot :)

P.S. Thank you Picnik and Picasa photo options. I was ready to MURDER THE PHOTO LAYOUT provided here on blogspot. That being said, I'm having a much better day today than I was late last night continuously clicking and re-clicking and click, click, clicking my patience away. :)

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