Willie Rosario

Goodness Gracious. I've been trying to re-format the appearance of my blog....I feel it's WAY to cluttery. (Yes, I make up words). It's not going well. Not well at all. Either I have been time-traveling with out any knowledge of these goings ons, or I have wasted entirely WAAAY too much time trying to figure this stuff out. 
Solution! I will seek PROFESSIONAL help. :) 
In the meantime, a good ol' boogaloo may just help me keep my hands from pulling out my hair, and maybe I'll start fresh in the morning!
Si. Muy Bien. Adios!


Charlotte Hatherley

I'm feeling the streamline of white today.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Nouvelle Vague

When I can't post regularly at least I can give you a song of the day!!! Enjoy!



I can't even tell you how awesome I find this song. Can't. Stop. Re-Playing.
Check out "Bizness" also if you likey. 

My blog is falling under the gun a little. So much has been going on, birthdays, a funeral of a close friend of my hubby's, and just life in general, I haven't had the time to write.

 I never (well, occasionally) buy birthday cards. I always make them. So this year for two of my dearest friends, Kate and Jenny, I decided to make something special and sophisticated for each of them. I wanted to give them something they could frame, a piece of art all of their own. 
Truthfully, I wasn't quite sure what to make. I started out with making a regular card. After just one I completely horrified how childishly stupid it turned out. Puke. Restart.

I have to say I'm absolutely in love with typography. I'm not a graphic designer, I admire those (Jessica Hische) who make lovely letters. 
So I thoughts to myselfs, a two sided, flat card would be just perfect. On the back it would be the typical 'Happy Birthday to YOU' and the front side would have a pretty little letter. I just LOVE how these initials turned out.♥

So that's that. This weekend for me will be making some more birdhouses, maybe going to dinner with the hubster, and lots of snuggles from my girls. 
Happy Friday Everyone!


A Walk Down Memory Lane

I had a wonderful time traipsing through the woods this weekend. I originally set out to find some lichen for a project I'd like to see come to life. I grabbed my camera (naturally) and my sister (forcibly). And Michelle (I call her Boopy) and I were off on a mini adventure, down to the 'old bridge'.

 We laughed about when we were younger we wouldn't tell people about this 'secret' place because we didn't want anyone else to go there. Of course we took choice friends and it was highly improbable that we were the only ones to know of it. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, where there wasn't much to do but explore the surrounding wilderness.
We'd search for salamanders and minnows, prehistoric fossils, and a Sasquatch or two. Sometimes we'd play 'lost girls' saying to each other "let's pretend we're lost", or survivalists (we were both Girl Scouts, you know) or haunted forest.

None was any different this time around. Joking about Sasquatch, the time we were chased by a lost goose that was stuck down in the gorge, 
and what a nerd our brother, Matt, is to hurt his knee badly while walking alone down there one day. 

I hadn't been down to the old bridge in a loooong time. I took some great photos while bonding with Boopy.  We never cease to let ourselves become kids again while reliving favorite past times. I took in so much creative inspiration from this little excursion. It was all around us (maybe I've been cooped up in the house too long over the course of Winter).

I hope you all enjoy the textures and loveliness of nature you'll find in my photos!!!

The Textural Forest

Crack Ups 
"Whoa. This rock looks like it's made out of sticks....and stones"

"I'll call this one 'Never Let Go'"

"Look! Is that a Brownie!? Wait....no, it's just a piece of wood."

Wondering where Sasquatch is for the photo shoot.

The pathway down that almost killed us

 Thanks for looking!
Enjoy your workweek!!
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