How Does Your Garden Grow?

A few snaps of the flowers growing around in the garden.


Lucky Duck

Here's a short post today from something that inspired me and made me feel a little good about myself:

 I answered yes to all these questions.


♥ QOTSA My Love ♥

Dear Queens of the Stone Age: Oh how I love thee ♥.


An Ode for Alice

So as I said earlier in my previous post; I have Miss Alice stirring up something inside of me. My thoughts on her come about in something more like this treasury I created this evening.

"Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I've been changed in the night? I wonder if I was the same when I got up this morning? .....I almost think I can remember feeling a little different." ~Alice

CUSTOM - SILK Georg...

Vinyl Wall Art Deca...

The Memory Collecto...

Sprout print (Shi-g...

Escutcheon Collecti...

Wildflower Meadow S...


Flowers and legs

Mess with Me at you...

Misty Abandoned Hou...

Spring Garden Porce...

Girls Best Friend 5...

Steampunk MAGIC SEC...

Croquet Mallets

Fairy Forest - Fine...

Crown Heart Mother ...

A Re-Cap

This week we've been doused in rain. Sideways rain, torrential down pours, hail, soaking-freezing rain.....none to which I am in any favor of. I've also been pretty busy lately- my artwork and blog have taken a seat on the back burners as well. The gardens have been weeded, plants have been transplanted, seeds have been sewn in. I've also been immersed into a never ending sea of laundry {what the heck?} and so finally it feels like I have some time to do the things that this girl likes to do: be creative in a treasure trove number of ways. What better way to encapsulate our time than with a photo montage :)

 I was so excite to find Jacks growing in the woods I've never seen them in real life besides in flower catalogs.
I think they're wonderfully weird.

A canopy of  Umbrella Plants

Soak in that Sunshine!

 Trip to Kemenyffy's
 I love coming here. I. LOVE. It.

A small portion of our very large family
I ♥ you too!


.... Back for a picnic & some kite flying.
{Those power lines only LOOK close by. lol}

Sophie Graduates Pre-School

They were all so cute singing for their families.


 I was so encompassed in the site of these tulip flowers I had to capture their beauty. A tripod would have helped, hehe. I couldn't believe how many came up this year! This photo was taken last Thursday, and they're pretty much spent right now. So I'm glad I snapped this picture when I did.

Through out all our rain the girls have taken a liking in watching Alice in Wonderland, both the classic Walt Disney version and the Tim Burton Disney version. And I have to admit that through their love of the story, I have Alice on the brain. I was so disappointed with the Tim Burton Alice that it made me mad about even purchasing the movie. The more I see it, it slowly becomes ok....but if I had the talent and know how he has, well, that movie would have been AWESOME! I've begun to read the book again so I can accentuate my own interpretations of this dear, favored story.

I hope you've enjoyed my photos! I'll try not to stay away too long this time!


Birthday Celebration

Miss Kiele Kissman is officially 3 years old! 
Birthday Presents!!!

We sure lucked out with some beautiful sunshine yesterday. We spent the morning baking her birthday cake, fallowed by a nice afternoon walk and playing at the park and drawing with new chalk. 
We took dinner out to Daddy at the golf course, along with our traveling cake. Then made our final stop to Big Grandma and Big Grandpa's house to share in the birthday celebration.

Helping Mommy in the Kitchen

The Famous Mocha Cake

Blowing some bubs in the yard

Blowing out candles with Daddy


Kiele would not take a birthday picture with Big Grandpa

After everywhere we'd been, we're finally ready for Cake!! 

It was a good day!

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