Le Macaron et la Petite Génoise

Confectionery Art. I decided this not a whole 2 minutes after my last entry. If I had chose buttons, I'm sure I ultimately would end up loathing them. The speculative subject has a far broader range for discovery and growth.
Straight away I went easily to work on a little colored pencil drawing (made of course with the 132 Prismacolor Colored Pencil set I received for Christmas. Thanks Mom!!). 

The adventure for today's little project required a little more skill. Still I managed to create it in less than a half hour and it's on a subject I'm very fond of: The French Macaron.

Nothing could be more perfect as a confectionery treat in the whole world! There are boat loads of macaron photos out there. Here is my inspirational photograph for today:

My rendition to this lovely cookie was made with acrylic paints with the use of a painters knife only. No brushes were used at all.
I'm thinking I could have chosen a different color to make the actual cookie itself, it kind of looks a little 'hamburger-y'. oh well.

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