Just another Wednesday

Today I had the pleasure of entangling myself in the daunting task of folding laundry and cleaning out the clothing that no longer fits or is wearable from both the children's closet and mine and Jamie's closet. Total exhaustion! It gives me great satisfaction to give these away to charitable organizations for people in need...but good lord- as I stood in front of each closet it was like I was never even there!
I'm curious to know how some people manage to organize their clothing so well. I fantasize about streamlined (walk-in) closets with coolly hung items having their own personal space amongst all other articles of clothing. *Sigh*

Ah. Tranquility. Wouldn't it be lovely to just breeze on in and see EXACTLY what you're getting yourself into? 
Instead, I may be exaggerating just a *tiny* bit, but this is what my mind thinks of every time I open up my own closet:

Yikes! I want to run screaming for the hills! 
One can only guess that after the long day I had schlupping out bags of give-away clothes and neatly folding the keepers to put away I haven't the time to create anything today. Except! A neat little treasury for the Wednesday Treasury Challenge called
Love it or Hate it  for this weeks 'Anti-Valentine's Day' theme.
I'm quite happy with it's turn out :)
 I now bid you adieu for a pleasant evening as I may go drink myself to blissful closet oblivions! Ha!


  1. hahaha~ my closet looks like that as well~ X3
    I hang all the pieces of clothing up but they'd just all end up in the basket that i store below the clothes.... :T
    oh well~

  2. It is a battle I don't know how to win. I suppose the people who have the closets I aspire to have also have maids and butlers....hmm, maybe the problem itself is to find hired help! HA! (I must be dreaming)


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