One may slack a little bit....but can make up for it in a day!

It's true. I have been slacking on my New Year's Resolution. Creating something, or making something, every single day sometimes isn't very practical. ...or realistic to a parent with two young children. Never-the-less, I do stand up to my word. Even if it calls for making up for past faux pas in a single afternoon. :)

My little creations are designated to go into the girls bedroom. If I do say so myself they are adorable!

A wonderful box of embroidery threads I've been hanging on to for years.
My very first embroidery!

Sophie's Ice Cream Cones!! <3

Sophie made some beautiful ice cream cones today also. They are part of my original inspiration. When store bought coloring books just lose their fun why not make your own? That's basically what I was doing through out the past summer. Drawing ice cream cones, popsicles, cakes, cookies, pies....you name it. The sweet tooth doesn't fall far from the bakery...that's for sure.

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