Song of the Day: Princess Chelsea, The Submarines + Holiday Goodness

I'm starting to freak out a bit. 
Am I ready for this? Are you ready for this?
Just inhale deeply.
You have all this holiday extravaganza under control.
Feel free to dance it out a little :)

I don't want to give all my holiday secrets away; but here's a tiny preview of all the cheery goodness that is to come!




Bloggy Buttons!

Sometimes I simply amaze myself.
I hardly consider yours truly as 'computer savvy', yet I'm finding my way and realizing I might be a bit more than I can give myself credit. 
Htmls. Java Script. < and >....whaaa?
But just look at me. Making my own bloggy buttons. AND! Scroll boxes, mind you.

I could NOT do this all on my own. I must give recognition where it is due. A certain Ms. Jenie Shell at Jenieshell.blogspot.com has the most wonderful and easy to fallow tutorials on creating buttons and scroll boxes for your own blog!  
Now...I know I said it was all very, very easy, But- while making a scroll box I ran into a complication. Where she gives the details & the how to's, the part that says "YOUR TEXT HERE" you need to take your photo HTML code you've created and tweak it slightly. 
Otherwise, you end up with another picture/button. Check out the code decoders at JavaScriptKit.com {Wow. Just looking at the front page gives me a headache!}
click HERE and add in your html what-have-you to switch it up. Add that into place of your text and I believe you're good to go!
Thanks to Ms. Shell & the people at javascriptkit for being there to help poor, pathetic, technically unsavvy people such as myself!!!
{I would not have been able to do this with out them. Literally.}

Happy Button Making!!

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