Tuesday Pounce with a CHEEKY LEOPARD!

I assume you are feeling quite pouncy today. You possibly need a good dose of adorable eye candy. I have just the solution to that lackluster, need-of-a-pick-me-up feeling. 

CheekyLeopard features an array of oh-so-cute coin purses. All with fantastic Old Lady names.
They are every thing I love in a change purse;
The bright pop of  fabric-  in a print that you wished to have yards and yards of.
The clasp-y, close-y knobs, and of course that enamored feeling being out and about and having full knowledge that you are the hippest, most awesome granny-purse-carrying girl around in the market!

Tilly. (My favorite. Textile and Name!!)



The artist, Katie Gordon, hardly needs the promotion for her fantastic purses. I feel like after stumbling, *ahem* pouncing upon her shop she seems to have "the next big thing" written all over the place. If you don't believe me check out her portfolio . It speaks for itself! :)
  You can find her on a multitude of websites. Etsy, Her Blogspot, and Her Website  

  In a short description of herself she writes:

"I have a passion for printed fabric and as a freelance textile designer, am lucky enough to have a job where I get to design every day. I have lived in some amazing cities around the world, and have enjoyed being inspired by what each city has to offer.

I was born in England and grew up there, but moved to New York after graduating from college with a degree in Textile Design. I lived there for 12 years and this is where I learnt a lot of what I know now. I returned to London for a few years, and  am now living in Tokyo, where I am embracing their amazing sense of design, both old and new.

I have been designing surface pattern for over 15 years and have worked for a variety of industries including apparel -  women and children, bags, bedding, stationery, and quilting fabrics.
I also design and make my own fabric bags under the name of Cheeky Leopard. "

Oh how I wish to carry each and every one of these charming bags!!! In my own personal love affair with textile design and fabrics I've found a new designer to add onto a very long list of the things I like. I have to say, I'm really starting to love to POUNCE!!

*Being thought it is 4 am in Tokyo (I can't very well receive feedback from the artist) I've taken Katie's descriptions from a profile she has written about herself on her website.


  1. I love those purses!...nice find!!

  2. Konnichiwa ladies, glad you liked the purses. Am also working on some clutch bags using kimono fabrics - very excited!


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