The Vernal Equinox is Here!

Oh, Spring! How I love thee...
Mother Nature really hasn't been messing around.
First we had an unseasonably warm <& snow free> winter and when the calendar says first day of Spring, I'm absolutely positive she means it this year.

I have already been poking around and digging in my gardens for an entire week now. 
Plants are popping up like crazy 
& I can hardly wait to watch the fruits of their labor bloom into splendor!
So. Here are a few pretty Spring-y things I came across earlier I thought I'd share:
Charles Rennie Mackintosh


photo taken from brides.com

Pretty handmade envelopes  from theknot

Happy Spring!


  1. I love spring (what's not to love) - and I adore the Rennie Mackintosh pic you posted, he's one of my fave designers/artists. Not so sure I could cope with the ice cream duvet cover lol, although it could guarantee sweet dreams ;-) xx

  2. lol. I had my two girlies in mind when I spotted those sheets. < I literally just imagined waking up in that bright ass room with bright ass ice cream confections blaring in my face> I think Soph & Kiel would, as you might say, eat them right up, though.

  3. this is a really good post and a quality blog. keep up the good work. a3

  4. Beautiful spring finds:) I adore those ice cream sheets and handmade envelopes. Lovely!


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