Catching Up

*this little bit was just sitting around waiting to be published.*
Oh thank GOODNESS it's Friday!
It's been a long, tiresome, and weird week to sum it all up.
I ate waaay too much chocolate for one thing! When it comes to gifts, cocoa confections is where it's at; a weakness that surely one day will be my ultimate downfall. Ha! Death by chocolate. I knew it.
Dealt with a clinically deranged nutsopath.
< A story I'd like to share but have no avidity to squander my time in doing so.>
 I've also been filling custom orders & taking care of sickies with a few really sleepless nights.

There were some good things about this week though:
I received some new jewelry from an amazing shop on Etsy called:
Wearable Curiosities - Unconventional Jewelry Design
I found Stephanie's sweet shop through Pinterest. I am in love with every. single. piece. in her shop.
And I'm not the only one! Stephanie has quite the adoration and following!
So, as it goes, I reserve this wild necklace as a present for myself.
Then, Jamie unknowingly chose the same SalvageSavage Shop to order me a Valentine's gift.
They both look stunning together!
Something that poked my intrigue: 
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia; n
which is the fear of long words.

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