I have a problem with wasting my time.
It's called:  Pinterest Logo  folks.
This terribly wonderful abomination is the best and worst thing ever.
Pinterest fulfills my compulsion of leafing through zines and books, & reading blogs, ALL in ONE PLACE! No more saving zines cuz there was an article I enjoyed reading, or inspiring photos. (Which magazine was that in again...hmmm...?). Everything is all right there. All that captures my interest and eye, categorized in neat little boards.
If the internet were to crash and crumble around us tomorrow, what in the world would I do with my time?
How could I survive?
I'm seriously considering setting up a local support group for those who are dangerously affected.
I know who you are b/c I'm always 'repinning' your pins at or about the same time of the day.
Follow Me on Pinterest Here I am in all my glory! Go ahead. Click it.
Warning! Pinterest is highly ADDICTIVE!
This being said, I have some business to attend to.
Have a wonderful day!

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