November: Through the Looking Glass {A Linky Party}

I had a pleasant read this morning over at the Kanelstrand Blog. 
After indulging in a bit of chunky knit scarves then hopping and bopping around her site I came across some great buttons to add to my site and a chance to join in on her linky party featuring the beauty of nature through out the seasons. 

Sonya's beyond-gorgeous photos of Norway just blew me away. I fell in love with her image above. {& the one below. I'm a sucker for the sea}. As soon as I saw them all I could imagine was these turning into large scale oil paintings, in an impasto style, & hanging over a stone fireplace {which I unfortunately do not have}.

But a girl can dream, can't she?
For my own 'seascapes' & nature wonders, I found myself perusing through folder upon folder of photos. Ones I'd really like to start with were taken last November. Seems like a good place to start!

 My husband, Jamie, and I took the girls down to the lake to rest assure our summer memories of beach combing and picnicking. One last look before the grips of ice and snow would befall the land.

The wind blew hard, sending streams of sand transpiring the the shoreline into a flat, smooth plane.

{{   Presque Isle on the shores of Lake Erie {Erie, Pennsylvania} may be one of my all time favorite images I've ever captured. }}
It was only for a moment, as we reached the car parked near the end of this pathway, that the sun penetrated through the unyielding sky of cold, voluptuous clouds. The sleepy grass illuminated. Golden and brilliant. A fervor of yellow brass.

Often, this particular photograph reminds me of the movie James and the Giant Peach. When James is celebrating his birthday with his parents on the beach. This was the only still I could find from that part of the movie, but if you enjoyed this movie as much as I have, you'll know exactly the parts I'm thinking dearly of. 
A moment of blissful happiness verging on the cusp of a giant rhinoceros stampeding into their lives, unraveling everything as James knew it to be.

So, there they are folks! My mish-mash of nature. Bound into all their glorious beauty!


  1. Wow! First, thank you for your nice words! Second, you have some amazing ones too! I believe your favorite Lake Erie photo is my favorite as well, and the low angle of the buttercups is so dreamy, quite the thing i needed in a coldish November evening.

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you will drop by the same time next month, to share the beauty again!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity. I will gladly share my photos again!


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