Fresh Batch

If these aren't the cutest darn things I've ever made....


Here at Black Heart Revolution, there is a plethora of vintage fabric & textiles. I love collecting beautiful prints of yesteryear, giving them new life, then sending these pieces out into the world where they can be loved affectionately by someone else.  
Trouble is, I sometimes get really attached to a particular print. I'll love it so, I'll make spectacular plans for transforming the fabric.{But} What if I never, ever ever ever find this again?? Or on a side point of that, I don't want to mess up and waste the fabric either. It's a funny contradiction, I know. Eventually I get over this phase and get on with my work, still, the first scissor snip is always pretty rough.

I made massive amounts of cocktail napkins the first time I spotted them on Design*Sponge. I was hooked on these cute little things & I made them for everyone I knew. Hostess gifts, house warmings, family events....from Hop-Ins to Pop-Ins uninvited. I was like a little cocktailnapkin-fairy-gnome spreading a cocktail napkin frenzy. Maybe a bit rampant, I admit, but geez.....how could people go on not having any??

Whatever the case, they are adorable, & I'm still quite obsessed. 
There will be no end to whipping up a fresh batch as long as there are cocktail parties, afternoon tea's and everything in between!

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