Sneak Peek & Mid-Day Dance Party

I've been on the search for A. Some decent outdoor photographing weather {It's been dark. Gloomy. & SUPER rainy. P.U!}
B.  A person. Someone. ANYONE to be available to photo my Scarflettes on for the shop. I like to see what things I make look like on real people. I mean, that IS who will be wearing it, right? 
Though, I was on a massive search through nearly every thrift store imaginable around here looking for an old, beat up mannequin bust {mainly for the Wine Fest show}. I had some pretty sweet ideas on how to spruce it up....Unfortunately, those things are pretty hard to come by. Or they are seriously expensive. I even tried to get my sister to raid the prop closet in the drawing/anatomy building on campus. 
Much to no avail.
I suppose my mannequin bust and I are not meant to be, as of yet. 

 The Scarflettes are hand knit by me. I used 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn, hand spun and dyed by a local woman who owns the farm herself. 
To visit her unbelievably beautiful yarns click here:
As you may know, or may not know- I love making cards for people. 
Rainy Days
Sunny Days
or any other kind of days....
& So it began. Painting up these little cheery, hand made cards for other people to send! The only problem is; I need to make custom sized envelopes before I list them in the shop. 
In a hurry I might add!
Some smaller ones will come with a pretty vellum envelope I've already sized and made with a black tissue paper insert {so no nosy peekers can glance}. 

So there you go! 
Now, for real, let's dance!

The Eels: Souljacker
Beside from loving them since the early '90's {um, yeah, I had some seriously awesome taste for music back then. Just sayin'}.
I think Mark Oliver Everett - or better known as E.- has the raddest beard in this video I've ever seen!
Just look!

I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way either! 

Next on deck is one snippet song from
Which I've been rocking out to {fully} while the kids are at school and I have cleaning or artsy fartsy stuff to do {such as BLOG!}.

& One more. Just for good measure.
From their  New Album 'The Whole Love':
Wilco- I Might 

For some more seriously awesome facial hair visit: 

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