New Work & A Spooky Treasury

 August and September, for me, was filled to the brim in creating a streamlined, cohesive collection of crafties and artwork for the 31st North East Wine Country Festival. 
I felt like during this period I had not even one moment to breathe. Along with preparing for the show, I had Sophie{5} to prep for her first year as a Kindergartner and Kiele{3} who began her schooling in Preschool. Boy Oh Boy!
 Schooling is going very well. Everyone has adjusted from the lackadaisical days of summer to the re-formed schedule of scholastic life. It seems for me, I hadn't added anything new to my Etsy shop in a long time. Although, the Wine Festival went well- it could have been much better. 
With out further ado I'd like to introduce some new items to get into the Halloween spirit now up for sale in the  
13x19 Giclee Print 'Avian's Fantastic Visionary Journey'

13x19 Giclee Print 'Avian's Journey Continues'

The Witch & Her Minion Gouache on Wood {ready to hang}

The Witch & Her Minion Gouache on Wood {ready to hang}

I've also added some 8x10 photographs such as these to see a few:

Sand Dunes

& Original Mini Pieces of Art:

....Just to name a few.  Check back often, I have some knitted and sewn items to add into the shop that are just GORGEOUS! I'll leave you with a haunting little treasury I created this morning, just in time for October's awesomeness! 

They're Creepy & They're Kooky, Mysterious & Spooky

Not So Happy Bath T...

halloween spider we...

Gossamer Lace - Ena...

Charcoal Sparkler S...

Split Above the Cal...

tulipO vase

New Growth

Stitched Garter Hip...

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - ...

The Memory Fades - ...

miniature houses sm...
  Creepy Fine Art Pri...

Fall woodland tree ...

Print leggings - M...

qui qu'a vu coc...

hello moon / origin...


  1. What a great blog you have over here!
    I'm loving your work —off to explore!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words!!!!


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