The Secret Garden

Monday's thunderstorm was a small and welcomed surprise. The temperature turned warm with the oncoming storm, rain danced in fat drops on the little heads of Snowbells growing in my garden. It was in fact a pleasant day, the girls read quietly with their new stack of library books while I worked on some projects. When it came time to take a break, Sophie asked if I could read a 'BIG book' to her. We went to the over-stuffed bookcase to choose, immediately my eyes fell the the pale green children's classic  
The Secret Garden. Oh such love ♥ As a child I ADORED this book. 

I was even more stoked to see Design*Sponge featured the 1993 movie as their title for Living In 
When I think back to my childhood, roaming free in Kemenyffy's gardens I was the epitome of Mary Lennox. In the strangest way, she is a total part of who I am today. A character so loved and cherished that she has been instilled on my being since the time I was 8. So many distant memories come flooding back. It's from the movie (which I can safely say is one of  my top 5 favorites of all time) that I've become fond of skeleton keys (I have a collection of about 20 or so), my love for rainy/foggy Spring days, my obsession with plants and seeds and secrets of the outdoor world.
I can only hope that one day my girls will find the love like I did for this lovely book while I read it aloud they are playing and conversing amongst themselves, almost too young to understand it all, but I read on anyway. The re-introduction of it all seems to be mostly for me, a passageway from past to present.


  1. When I was a little girl I adored the story of the Secret Garden and always searched for it in parks and visits to stately homes in the UK. Your daughters will love this timeless story!

    Thanks for visiting today and do share your French macaron recipe on your blog - I would love to try : )

  2. I loved this book as a kid too! It's a good introduction to 19th century gothic :) Now, as a phd student in literature, I still love it, but I can also see the context of British culture at the time in it so much, especially the presence of colonialism and the critique of the British child being raised far from British soil (weak, spoiled, etc). It's great read either with a critical eye or an innocent one!

    Stitching in Circles

  3. one of my favorite books as a girl. i think i read it about 15 times. :)
    and such a lovely blog you have! i've been here a few times, and recognized it from your kind comment. your crafts are so adorable, and often really yummy!
    plus, it seems we have very similar taste in music. love it all.
    alright, alright i'll follow already.


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