I'm feeling good about this week. Even though it's a rainy Monday, we're having the first thunderstorm of the year ♥. {I LOVE thunderstorms}. Something about them just make me feel so cozy and productive. I suppose it's the fact I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything (weather wise), no sunshine tempting me to bask in, no children begging to go to the park, the house work has all been taken care of before our party this weekend....It's the perfect day to 'live' in my art room. 
I cherish these days.  

My weekend was spent throwing a surprise birthday party for Jamie's brother (turning the big 3-OH!), making cupcakes, making cards, and working on some new bird houses for the shop.

These were SO YUMMY!!!

Birthday Card for Brennan

I was wondering if any of you use the Etsy App Craftopolis? Somehow I've come out from under my rock, was introduced and now am obsessed with using it. (Maybe everyone's known about this for a long time- but not me! No, Sir. Brand new). It's fantastic! It tells you when your items need to be renewed, how many people have been looking in your shop, hearts, favorites, purchases.....(can you tell I'm excited!?) You can even edit EVERYTHING. And so, I did. I'm having a SALE on my winter items, the Cutesy Rag Dolls and Don't Be Catty (Sold).  

In the account of my shop, I always like to give extra when someone makes a purchase. I like to wrap it nice and neat with pretty paper and yarn or ribbon. I'll throw in an added bonus, and a thank you card that I've made specifically for that individual buyer. To me, that's how it should be. 

Maybe in this modern world we're so used to being snubbed, or feeling like a number when we make our purchases. I like opening the things I order from Etsy and seeing that care and thought went into not only the product but the packaging as well.

Thoughts on this? How is your customer service? :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!


  1. It's thunder storming here, too! I love storms as long as the power doesn't go out!

  2. The cupcakes were amazing. Aunt Megan IS the best baker!

  3. I agree with you. It's so nice to surprise someone with something above and beyond. I have gotten some truly touching and beautiful responses from my Etsy customers for including a little sketch or charm here and there in my packaging.
    The card for Brennan is absolutely breathtaking, btw.


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