A Walk Down Memory Lane

I had a wonderful time traipsing through the woods this weekend. I originally set out to find some lichen for a project I'd like to see come to life. I grabbed my camera (naturally) and my sister (forcibly). And Michelle (I call her Boopy) and I were off on a mini adventure, down to the 'old bridge'.

 We laughed about when we were younger we wouldn't tell people about this 'secret' place because we didn't want anyone else to go there. Of course we took choice friends and it was highly improbable that we were the only ones to know of it. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, where there wasn't much to do but explore the surrounding wilderness.
We'd search for salamanders and minnows, prehistoric fossils, and a Sasquatch or two. Sometimes we'd play 'lost girls' saying to each other "let's pretend we're lost", or survivalists (we were both Girl Scouts, you know) or haunted forest.

None was any different this time around. Joking about Sasquatch, the time we were chased by a lost goose that was stuck down in the gorge, 
and what a nerd our brother, Matt, is to hurt his knee badly while walking alone down there one day. 

I hadn't been down to the old bridge in a loooong time. I took some great photos while bonding with Boopy.  We never cease to let ourselves become kids again while reliving favorite past times. I took in so much creative inspiration from this little excursion. It was all around us (maybe I've been cooped up in the house too long over the course of Winter).

I hope you all enjoy the textures and loveliness of nature you'll find in my photos!!!

The Textural Forest

Crack Ups 
"Whoa. This rock looks like it's made out of sticks....and stones"

"I'll call this one 'Never Let Go'"

"Look! Is that a Brownie!? Wait....no, it's just a piece of wood."

Wondering where Sasquatch is for the photo shoot.

The pathway down that almost killed us

 Thanks for looking!
Enjoy your workweek!!


  1. Gorgeous! I am so a woods person. I had tons of "secret" places, too and I feel like a kid again every time I go for long walks in the woods. Love this post. :)

  2. You are an excellent photographer, I love all these photos! Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous Pictures!!!

    There is nothing like a girlhood friend. I have a friend that I have had forever and whenever we are together we go right back to that kid friendship. Love & Trust! Such a blessing!!!


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