My blog is falling under the gun a little. So much has been going on, birthdays, a funeral of a close friend of my hubby's, and just life in general, I haven't had the time to write.

 I never (well, occasionally) buy birthday cards. I always make them. So this year for two of my dearest friends, Kate and Jenny, I decided to make something special and sophisticated for each of them. I wanted to give them something they could frame, a piece of art all of their own. 
Truthfully, I wasn't quite sure what to make. I started out with making a regular card. After just one I completely horrified how childishly stupid it turned out. Puke. Restart.

I have to say I'm absolutely in love with typography. I'm not a graphic designer, I admire those (Jessica Hische) who make lovely letters. 
So I thoughts to myselfs, a two sided, flat card would be just perfect. On the back it would be the typical 'Happy Birthday to YOU' and the front side would have a pretty little letter. I just LOVE how these initials turned out.♥

So that's that. This weekend for me will be making some more birdhouses, maybe going to dinner with the hubster, and lots of snuggles from my girls. 
Happy Friday Everyone!


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