♥ Etsy Shop Updates♥

♥ So, it's about time I've updated the new items I have been working on into my Etsy Shop

 First is a upcycled vintage teak salad bowl. The last of it's family. The rest have been painted and given away as gifts and I thought I had used all of them, but I found one more little guy hiding away in the Art Room closet just waiting for it's day to become a thing of beauty. :) 
The design inspiration came from an outfit in Anthropologie's Catalog (from the December 2009 issue.....Yes. I save all my Anthropologie catalogs).

Collecting Dish: Flora

"Blooms Revealed Cardigan & Longing-For-Yellow Dress"

Last year for Christmas I made some decorative birdhouses as gifts. They were so adorable I became a little obsessed and thought I could make it a tradition of creating a new birdhouse for each collection every year. Well- for some odd reason none of the craft stores had any in stock through the holiday season (how stupid!). So I was delighted to recently pick up a few. The house itself always takes on a persona- nothing is planned per se, i kind of start painting and as a general sense the house 'tells' me how it should be painted (if that make sense??).....haha, it sounds crazy, I know.

This is the house I made for my Mom. We are of English/Swedish/German heritage so this wooden-clog-wearing, cuckoo-clock winding, Hansel & Gretel looking design seemed perfect for her. :) I've had many offers on this particular house. Point being, you'd really have to fight her for it! Anyway, I'd be the one to have it next. 

Scandinavian Christmas House

Here are the birdhouses that ARE for sale: 

Tumbling Teardrop Birdhouse OOAK

Whale of a Tale Birdhouse OOAK

Gem of the Forest Birdhouse OOAK

I also added two portraiture paintings: 



Both girls were painted with high quality acrylic paints on a plank of cherry wood. They measure approximately 15.5" x 11.5".  I have a few more originals yet to add in the shop- a few mixed media/drawings on paper. They need photographed and uploaded. 
I'm trying to be a little more weary of keeping up with my blog.....maybe posting a FEW times a WEEK instead of weekly or...ahem, bi-weekly. In the meantime, keep calm, carry on, and stay creative! ♥


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