Spring is just around the corner.....

Illustrations by Beatrice Braun-Frock
1959 Old Man Winter Comes to Town by Hilde Hoffman
It doesn't look like Old Man Winter will be letting up anytime soon, especially in NW Pennsylvania. Today he's laying down his wrath. It's icy, it's blustery, and honestly it's snowing like a mo'fo outside.
Luckily the topic for today's Undiscovered Treasury Challenge has a nice Springy attitude.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's about this time of year where I start to get a bit antsy. While winter lingers around like an unwelcome guest overextending his stay, I start dreaming of fresh breezes, the scent of the re-awakened earth, and delicate greenery bursting into full effect.

I named my treasury Spring, Spring, come our way!  

It completely brightened my day....for a while at least. I found some really lovely items all from some sweet little shops :) If it isn't apparent already I think it might be safe to say that I have an Etsy addiction!

In hindsight of getting ready for Spring themed art, I may attempt to create my own version of (nasty) Old Man Winter.  And as an update I am still working on my little beauties; Previews will be out tomorrow! So, yes, I just love to pile it on!!!


  1. Hey there

    Found you through the Etsy Blog Team thread - we are your newest follower : )

    We feel the same cannot wait for Spring - what a wonderful treasury to inspire us into the next season of renewal!

    Pleas come visit us:


    With warm wishes


  2. Hello! I am your newest follower. I found you through etsy blogteam.
    Spring is right around the corner here in the PNW and I cannot wait! Pink cherry blossoms are coming soon. So pretty!



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