How to Divert Your Direction

I spent the past couple nights searching for a tool - or an app - or whatever you may call it, to combine web images or photos in a more preferable way then blogger allows for/ offers.

This would be so much cooler
 if finding what I needed 
wasn't so much of a hassle.
But the hassle has it's added perks.
I do come across some really mind blowing things out there.
The balls and the guts, determination and gusto
all of it gives me the drive to make myself better.
my brand better. my work better.
The raw edge of talent.

For one, I fell into a really amazing electronic band called 
Elephant & Castle
My musical taste varies waywardly
 from one side to the other.
I began listening to them while 
busy-bodying around in the art room
<quite productive work music I say!>

Curious as to who they were 
I looked them up
with out finding much.
I was able to read an
though, which gave the exact run down of what
I think about this band.
Basically, there weren't many songs really on you tube either. 
What I did find excited me.
It's a little combo power with the tUnE-YaRdS.   
"En Memoria"
It's a pretty lovely song. It makes you feel... light & swimmy.
                ....or light & floaty.
                            which ever you prefer.

If you get the chance have a listen to the Transitions album, a new release for E&C.  
I have become attached to #3 Derni/Paralysis.
I never found what I was really looking for.

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