Song of the Day: Move Over Jack White

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There are certain bands that I love dearly and deeply. They take their turns in my rolling music-go-round. Sometimes they take a back seat, but that doesn't mean I don't love them any less. They always return, when the time is right.

Jack White {and a giant Elephant head} made a cameo on American Pickers {History Channel} last week and seeeerrrrriously sparked my acquainted fondness and devotion to Mr. White. ...
In this episode {start @the 35min mark} Jack trades his jukebox and a totally rad black and white photobooth ....{... I WANT that booth so badly. James asked me where I would even put it? I told him I'd sleep in it if I had to.}
James 1, Me 0
For one, I love watching Mike and Frank dig around in other peoples junk. 
{I myself have a 'picker' heart...Thrift Stores. Yard Sales. Flea Markets.
Grandma & Grandpa's Attic....c'mon now.}
Who doesn't love digging around in somebody else's treasures?

{Said photo booth here in this vid}

My affection began years ago. Back when I was still in high school. 
I think it was the Stripes first TV performance on a MTV/VH1 Music Awards SomethingOrOther. 
Whichever it may have been, they sang "Fell in Love with a Girl"
 ...& I certainly fell in love with it.

We've spent some really awesome times together, 
{{whether he be aware or not}}

I totally dig him, his music, his artistic abilities, and his diabolical bad-ass nature <per se>.
In the midst of reconnecting with the White Stripes I've fallen in love with his counterpart of the Dead Weather, a certain Ms. Allison Mosshart  & her partner in crime Mr. Jamie Hince of The Kills.
I ask myself,
How did they pass under my radar?
How I never paid this duo any attention before?
Move over Jack White.
Hello Jamie Hince.

 Can't. Stop. Listening to:

 So, for the time being, enjoy the noise.
I'm off reconstructing,
& reforming my art studio.

{{Some Sites Concurring}}

PS....{{I still adore you Jack White}}

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