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Isn't it funny when something you love, need, and use so much breaks & you find yourself dying with out it? Only to find when it returns in working condition- you don't even use it.
This has happened to me.

My beloved camera, the filter between the world and my eyes, had taken a bit of a tumble this summer. Resulting in a bad sorta 'boo-boo' but still worked presumably well. Obviously this was something that needed attention 
{sooner than later}.
It allowed me to take photos & document the kind of things I like to take into account. 
So I just kept going.

The pictures came out just as they should. 
All up until Halloween.
Of all places, Mr. Camera decided to stop working so nicely at Sophie's Costume Parade at school. 

Gah! How could this be? Did I change a setting? What is that clicky noise coming from the lens?
.....This. Is no. Good.....

It's unmentionable the amount of things I was unable to capture. Memories only. Unable to play early catch up photographing new items, editing and choosing photos for my shop. Missing some stellar nature shots. Not to mention- how much is this going to cost me to have this thing fixed? 
Yikes. Merry Christmas to me {I suppose}. 

Suddenly there was a click and a flash. My sister, out of the goodness of her heart, let me borrow hers. 
Yippie! Back in business. 

That was 3 days ago. Ha. I haven't even taken it out of its case. So, I got nothin. No pictures to share.
{Except, you know, for these ones} :)

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