Sneak Peek

 Happy Sunday!

Kiele Lounging

We've really had a nice, relaxing weekend. The snow is somewhat melting, birds are coming back, and with daylight savings time in effect I am feeling a little brighter. We spent a lovely afternoon at Papa Jim and Nana Bobbi's house yesterday where they served a Primanti Brothers style lunch: Sandwiches of  Pulled Pork, Brocolli Coleslaw, French Fries and a side of Homemade Baked Beans. The kids also had a great time playing with each other and reading books on the Nook with Bobbi (...wishing now I had taken some photos!)
We then spent the rest of the evening at home with Jamie's brother and our nephew watching movies and hanging out. 
I've taken it upon myself to upload some photos of my workspace: The Art Room as we call it. 


Some of my favorite colors to use

Sophie's Bird she made in preschool

Pretty treasure from a friend's travels

Collection Board

Mini works in progress

I didn't take any pics of the entire room, frankly it's quite messy and even though I like to call it a collage of creative chaos....it's just not suitable to photograph! I love little sneak peaks into other people's studios. 

I hope you all had a pleasant and enjoyable weekend!!! I'll leave you with a picture of Sophie posing for the camera (I think she was a little jealous her little sister was on here, and she wasn't! )
Sophie's Favorite New Pose



  1. your works in progress look really cute, those glittery frames are lovely!

  2. Oh my god are you kidding me? Those kids are SO cute. That last picture totally slays me. Where do you live? Anywhere near Erie? I'm dying for it to warm up enough to go camping and biking at Presque Isle!

  3. Thank you, Ladies :)
    I'm in the same boat as you, Amanda. It seems like we just can't shake this awful weather- Presque Isle is just a swim away....well, if you're in really, REALLY great shape..... Ha! Small world.

  4. I am completely in love with those adorable kiddos... and as a former preschool art teacher I completely love how you "framed" Sophie's bird! New follower from the EBT... come see me! https://www.facebook.com/Orangiesattic

  5. Cuties!! And I was going to say like Orangies that I love how you framed the art piece! Great idea. :) Love all those blue books, too!


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