So, as all things with life go....I really, truly accept and believe I am an optimist. Really.
Of course I am!! No doubt. ..........but where there is an optimist, there is a pessimist. I decided to start another sister  blog  to this site chock full of well, the glass is half empty sorts. :)  I often say to my hubby that he lives in LollyLand where he just lollies around doing as he pleases. (Same goes for my kids).  After a not-so-great day I decided to build another blog in order to rant about the lemons life throws around every once in a while. As I sat down with a scribbly little rain cloud over my head, typing in the URL, the word verification really got me going.....hahaha. Unholi. How perfect.

I simply had to take a picture of this. Proof that some how this blog may be fated!

 Monday-ish, I was writing on a cause I would love to be a helping hand in. Peace Corps...no way.... but raising funds in creating something small, a reminder of sorts, is really my only plan of attack. I pulled out all of my fabric remnants to find a perfectly, springy green color....much to my despise there wasn't anything that really caught my eye. (P.S. Again....I may have bolts of fabric for sale in my Etsy shop soon. My shelf seems a mile high and yet the groups making it so large are the ones I never use. Possibly this stack:

The "Pickle" fabric at the bottom cracks me up. For some reason my Sister and I bought like 10000 of yrds of this . LoL. Silly girls we were.  The patterned shapes are not real pickles. But. There is waaaay too much similarity. :) So if you enjoy pickles in the strangest way that my Sister and I do...........Rock on Girls!!!

Pickles. Haha. 
I want to create little green floral brooches. All proceeds would be donated to Japan. :) I'm currently looking for 'upcycling' materials I may be able to use to create such things. It sort of makes me feel sick just going out to buy all new materials to help with their situation. It almost defeats the purpose to me. Many of these people have nothing. Why must I spend, spend, spend to help their cause??? Ugh. Super conglomerates.  The search continues in my long list of doings. Japan may be back to normal by time I find something that suits my liking.

This week has really flown by!  We spent a day out on the beach searching for some sea glass and drift wood.  

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was warm, the sun was out, and the whole family helped out with some yard work. It was exciting and invigorating to be out cleaning up the gardens and seeing little spring-lings shooting up here and there.

Baby 'Barbs (Rhubarb)

Snow Bells


I hope everyone has a most fabulous weekend, I'm off to spend some more time in the yard (Our trees must have had a great fall season, you wouldn't believe how many acorns are out there. Like a RIDICULOUS amount). Hopefully some creative time will be in store also!

 I feel silly not knowing about this earlier while writing my post today. :(


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