How to Divert Your Direction

I spent the past couple nights searching for a tool - or an app - or whatever you may call it, to combine web images or photos in a more preferable way then blogger allows for/ offers.

This would be so much cooler
 if finding what I needed 
wasn't so much of a hassle.
But the hassle has it's added perks.
I do come across some really mind blowing things out there.
The balls and the guts, determination and gusto
all of it gives me the drive to make myself better.
my brand better. my work better.
The raw edge of talent.

For one, I fell into a really amazing electronic band called 
Elephant & Castle
My musical taste varies waywardly
 from one side to the other.
I began listening to them while 
busy-bodying around in the art room
<quite productive work music I say!>

Curious as to who they were 
I looked them up
with out finding much.
I was able to read an
though, which gave the exact run down of what
I think about this band.
Basically, there weren't many songs really on you tube either. 
What I did find excited me.
It's a little combo power with the tUnE-YaRdS.   
"En Memoria"
It's a pretty lovely song. It makes you feel... light & swimmy.
                ....or light & floaty.
                            which ever you prefer.

If you get the chance have a listen to the Transitions album, a new release for E&C.  
I have become attached to #3 Derni/Paralysis.
I never found what I was really looking for.


Song of the Day + Mood Board

Hands down <one of>  my favorite Queens of the Stone Age song:

I've actually really considered getting " Live til you Die" tattooed upon my body somewhere. I don't actually have ANY tattoos. I've always been so indecisive when it comes to what I want. There are a LOT of really lame things people get < you and I have both seen probably more than enough of those to understand the timidness on actually getting one >. Plus one minute I like something, the next minute I could puke for hating it so much. ...I do not want this to happen. Ever.

Here are some things I want now on etsy.
Not sometime.

Pendant Light With ...

Deathly Hallows Tee

EAT Mid Century Lar...

Blue crown conure p...

Moutain Water (Q120...

Reader No.12

Dandelion Flower

Sterling Silver Sea...

No.12-Tree family/P...

office / kitchen or...

Women Half Apron Vi...

napkin, hearts

Dreamer - conceptua...

Carnival Style Wood...

Library by the Sea ...

Un-break my Heart H...


Fresh Batch

Today I'd like to share from the Fresh Batch here at BHR. A super cute collection created just for BABIES!

Collection includes:
A dolly friend & an animal friend
14 baby burp cloths
2 baby hair bands <<or>> 2 baby bow clips
1 card
+ it all comes wrapped up in super sweet Black Heart Revolution packaging!

Also in the Fresh Batch:
Hair bows made for small kids and big kids alike!

For another Fresh Batch post pop over < < HERE > >!


Type Hype

I am in love with typography. Like, I just don't 'like it a lot'.
I. LOVE. it.
I don't know why I'm such a type nerd (or any other kind of nerd) but I am.
Maybe I find the scrolling whimsy of each articulated letter to be soothing to the eye...
or the way a carefully curated design can be make it or break it as a selling point (myself being the buyer).
Face it, I'm a sucker for amazing packaging as well.
It all coincides; my lovely romance with media art.

Here are a few of my favorite sites I love to schmooze and peruse upon:
First up The Lost Type Co-op
A pay-what-you-want foundry,
the first of it's kind!
 francis macleod
They offer some super lovelies:

 dan gneiding
missy austin
 morgan knutson

 james t. edmondson

Yes...I'm already getting carried away & that was only one website.


The Vernal Equinox is Here!

Oh, Spring! How I love thee...
Mother Nature really hasn't been messing around.
First we had an unseasonably warm <& snow free> winter and when the calendar says first day of Spring, I'm absolutely positive she means it this year.

I have already been poking around and digging in my gardens for an entire week now. 
Plants are popping up like crazy 
& I can hardly wait to watch the fruits of their labor bloom into splendor!
So. Here are a few pretty Spring-y things I came across earlier I thought I'd share:
Charles Rennie Mackintosh


photo taken from brides.com

Pretty handmade envelopes  from theknot

Happy Spring!


You can sing a rainbow

Red and Yellow
and Green and Blue
Orange and Purple and Gray.
You can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow, too.
Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart
You can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow, too.

A song my mom used to sing to me when I was a 'yiddle babe' & so naturally sing to my little 'yiddles'. No one else ever has seemed to hear it.
So silly, yet it's the song of my childhood.



I've been grossed out before.
Have you seen this?

McDonalds, or as the girls say "Old McDonalds" and other fast food places have been banned from our home.
Today just tops it for me.
Has anyone read about what we're feeding our children?
It's sickening!

Seven Million Pounds of Pink Slime

I literally want to throw up.
& I'm also seriously on the verge
 of going all out 'hippie-vegetarian\vegan'. 
Which is sad, because I love to eat,
but I'm finding it harder to have an appetite for anything
knowing [and not knowing] wth is in my food.


Title Me

In my mind, I'm an excellent blogger. In reality, not so much.
I have about 500 million half-written posts waiting to be published. I come up with all sorts of great things to talk about- usually right before bedtime...while I'm a little half-in-the-bag (usually) & then what?
I say F-it and save it for tomorrow.
Who am I kidding?
I never finish. Tomorrow never comes.
Save. Preview. Close. Haha. I'm doing it again!
Honestly, I don't know what my problem is. 
Perhaps it's the fact that I have no audience.
Wait, that's not true...I do- but I have no idea who any of them are.
<Yeah. I'm talkin' to YOU>
 - oooor - 
maybe I should hone up my writing skills?
That is why I started blogging.
I've been writing since- I could write.
Just like I've been drawing since- you guessed it- I could draw.
My mom or aunts would create little 'books' of stapled paper so I could illustrate my made up stories.
I also don't like being told what to do....in sorts.
The thought of someone correcting what I'm sure is out-of-bounds-grammatical-chaos
down right sends chills up my spine.
Like I'm back-woods or something.
Some may argue with that, but I just like doing my own thing.

I guess this is what happens- I get way too distracted~!
I start listening to music.

I'm designing packaging for my products-
printing them on my godforsaken Epson printer- which btw is amazing when the thing ACTUALLY prints. 
Holy mother.
I've been ready to pull my hair out all day with this thing!
Just! Print!!!
 Or don't. Just waste my time. Stupid jerkface.

{p.s. Happy Birthday Motherdearest!!}

{p.p.s. Look! I published this!}
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